Hello Spring!
Spring is one of the busiest times on the farm, which is why my usual updates to this website have been nearly nonexistent recently. Can I just say BABIES! New puppy, two new litters of kittens, and a bunch of baby chicks. Phew!

Emma arrived on the farm in April, and it has been an adventure ever since 😳Sam and I have only ever raised Shih Tzus, so when we decided to branch out and get a toy Australian Shepherd, it was with a good amount of thought and research. But, no amount of research can prepare a person for chaos and no sleep! I can handle all of the new puppy trials (potty training, chewing, structure, etc.) except loss of sleep. I don't get a lot of sleep anyway, but when the nights are interrupted 2 to 5 times for going out to go potty, barking for no reason, or whining profusely, I get a little crazy. And just when I thought we were getting a handle on her training, I discovered she had been using the under portion of our bed as her own personal pooping grounds! So, at 6:20 one morning, I had to take our very heavy bed apart, clean up the mess 🤢, and then completely enclose the base of our bed so she could never again get under it. Still, after all of that, we have fallen completely in love with her, and she has taken to farm life, with all of its chores and jobs, like she was born to be here.

Meow and Bitsy finally had their babies. Meow only had one out of three survive, but little Roley is growing strong and super cute. Bitsy had seven adorable little kittens, and although most will have to be re-homed, I will be giving them lots of love and cuddles in the meantime.


Soon Bessa and Bonaparte will be parents for the first time, and although I am nervous for our first farrow of piglets, I am super excited as well. Until they both get moved to the farrowing pasture, they are enjoying the beautiful bounty of the first pasture, enjoying every green morsel they can until the big day.
Hopefully, in the next coming days, I will be able to take the time to update the rest of the website with articles and funny anecdotes. Until then, happy spring!

~ Heidi Jo