Ready for Spring
This time of year is always the hardest for me, sometimes a few gloomy days can set in due to the lack of sun, but mostly, its because I'm itching for SPRING! There are a few things I do during this limbo time. I plan my spring chores list, which includes prepping the garden areas, fixing fencing, gates, or projects I was unable to complete before the snow began to fall. I also search seed catalogs as well as decide which chickens I'm going to buy to add to the flock. If there our indoor projects to do, I try and pace myself, so I don't get them all done too quickly.

IMG_3142 2

Another thing I did at the beginning of this year, which I have never done before, is decorate for Spring. Usually, I am just taking down Christmas decorations at this time, leaving the ones above my cabinets until I'm reading to decorate for Spring at the end of February. I was so wanting Spring this year, I decided to give it some encouragement by making the house smile with blossoms and new farm decor.

I always say Fall is my favorite time of year, but Spring is nearly just as dear to me. After a long winter of plowing and being relatively cooped up indoors, I am more than ready to spend days outside readying the gardens and farm areas for Spring. Normally, I'm beyond busy in Spring because I usually work outside jobs as well. But, this Spring will be different! 🤓 I get to be home, working the farm and writing. I am so excited!! The hardest part will be to organize all my projects in the correct order, so I will do what must be done first. The other hard part will be to not overdo it. There are so many things I want to accomplish this year that I must stay focused, not get overwhelmed, and for the most part, have a wonderful time!


Although I am working on a few books and a couple fun writing ideas, most of my writing at the moment is happening on this website, updating my farm sections and writing new articles that I hope you all find amusing. Another thing I have started to do is a book club. Funny that I have been writing for more than a decade, and yet, I have never been a part of a book club. I am enjoying this new adventure, as well as discovering some new authors to me, something which I have a hard time doing. I usually get stuck on a few great authors and don't stray far from them in regard to my reading list. This book club has pushed me out of my typical comfort zones, and I'm happy about the push. So, I'm encouraging all of you to take a leap into something new this year. Maybe, it is starting to paint, or taking a medicinal herb class, or just reading a devotional for the first time. Whatever your new adventure is embrace it, enjoy it, and learn from it. I am usually at my most happy when I am learning something new (as well as spending lots of time with my husband Sam). Blessings to you as you look forward to Spring with me! ~ Heidi Jo